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Registration closes:

Midnight — March 31, 2024.


Terms & Conditions

  • All players on the roster must have graduated in 2023 or earlier.

  • Rosters must be made up of players who graduated from the same school.

  • 1 non-alumni pickup is allowed.

  • Any additional non alumni players need to be approved by THE SIMON committee.  Submit player requests to

  • Rosters will be reviewed.  Any rosters that do not adhere to the tournament rules could be declined.

  • There are no roster changes.

  • Competitive fairness is important to the long term success of the tournament. Players that are not on the official roster, dishonesty of a player's alumni school, or any other ethical issues that may arise can lead to the forfeit of games played, as well as ejection from the tournament.

  • Player, Fan and Referee abuse will not be tolerated. Any issues that may arise could lead to the ejection from games, ejection from facilities, and suspension from the tournament.


  • The cost is $600 per team (no tax).

  • There is no refund if a team withdraws.

  • New this year: Pay fee online.

  • New this year: Team swag packages are available for purchase after registration.​​

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