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HOF 2024

It was another packed house thanks to the Florence Fire Hall and musical guest, Scott Decoste. This year we inducted five people and a business sponsor. Being honoured Sat. April 27th were the following:

Volunteer HOF

Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown, who’s been involved with the Simon since 2016/17, among other basketball volunteering ventures, specifically as manager with the Memorial Varsity girls basketball team.


Men’s 40+ HOF

Paul MacQueen

Paul MacQueen (MHS) has played in two divisions for eight years, and has stayed competitive even spread as thin as he is. He said he will continue to do so until he runs out of medicine and other therapeutic treatment.


Men’s 39U HOF

Steve Cordy

Steve (big man) Cordy. Steve (MHS) is a decorated Simon HOF, which extended into his other basketball career at St. Thomas years before. He loves the Simon and he is a person that makes his teammates better.


Women’s HOF

Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown (MHS) has a career that precedes her. She has played over the world and her accolades follow her wherever she goes. She has recently moved back to Cape Breton, and we are better community because of this. We look forward to seeing her share her basketball knowledge to future Simon alumni!


Builder HOF

Mike MacMillan

Mike (cornflake) MacMillan, has been part of the Simon since its inception and he is the driving force behind the branding! He has evolved not only as an image behind the Simon, but he’s also been part of five Simon championship teams in two divisions. We appreciate all the Mike does as a volunteer builder of the Simon, and look forward to his continued support!


Business Sponsor HOF

Schwartz Furniture

Schwartz’s community support of the Simon has been nothing short of amazing. Brian and the staff at Schwartz realize how important giving back to the community is, and basketball has been the beneficiary of this!



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